Poperinge Beerfestival


For years the festival has received rave reviews both in and outside Belgium, leading to the unofficial title of 'Belgium's cosiest beer festival'.

Last year more than 2.500 visitors from Belgium, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Sweden and the USA attended the Poperinge Beer Festival.

With broad coverage in Belgian, British and French media the beer festival can claim international recognition!

25 brewers - 100 beers

During the two-day festival 25 brewers will present and pour a selection of their finest beers. Obviously they will also give a word of explanation about their beers and some exclusive new brews.

Indeed, the Poperinge Beer Festival always reveals a couple of new beers, presented with pride by the brewers in person. Some craft beer tastes and 'special' beers will also be featured. A true beer lover cannot miss this event!


The Maeke Blyde event hall is again the location for the Poperinge beerfestival.
A cosy beer village with wooden floor, cloak room, expanded beer patio and attractive light decoration will be built. A big bar with soft drinks and snacks will cater for everybody's needs.


More info: http://www.poperingebierfestival.be/en/home/